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In choosing to work with Advennture Design you agree to and accept the below Terms & Conditions...


  • The relationship of Advennture Design to the client will be that of “independent, remote-based freelancer” which means that Advennture Design is not the client’s employee, worker, agent or partner, and nor will the client give the impression that they are (unless otherwise agreed).

  • Advennture Design reserves the right to advertise and display client work as part of the Advennture Design work portfolio indefinitely. This includes across both digital and printed media and promotional materials.

  • Advennture Design is a remote-based freelancer and therefore reserves the right to have no requirement to work from a client office or specific location, unless otherwise agreed directly with the client.

  • Both Advennture Design and the client agree to inform one another of any holiday or time needed away from projects as soon as possible.

  • The client agrees to provide any instruction in good time and to a comprehensive standard, enough to allow Advennture Design to work confidently and accurately on the project with a good understanding of its requirements.

  • Both Advennture Design and the client agree to remain responsive throughout ongoing projects to allow the brief to progress at a fair and reasonable pace. Advennture Design reserves the right to cease work on a project and request the full fee upfront should the client come unresponsive for a period of 4 weeks or more.

  • Advennture Design agree to supply proofs and flat-layered files as appropriate e.g. JPEG, PDF, PNG or other graphic files as detailed in the job scope or request. Charges for design work do not include the release of original source files, including but not restricted to indd, psd, AI other source files or raw code; if the client requires these files for transfer they will be subject to a separate ‘buy-out’ charge to be agreed.


  • All prices listed on the website are provided as a guideline price. Please note that prices can vary depending on the company or project size. Always contact Advennture Design directly with your precise requirements for an accurate quote.

  • Advennture Design agrees to provide a quote upfront for all projects for client for acceptance before beginning work on any project.

  • The price quoted is always per items stated and includes final artwork only.

  • The price quoted is always for the agreed project specification and this alone, any further requirements or projects that may be added to this specification will be subject to further costs.

  • Wherever possible, Advennture Design will endeavour to inform the client of how many design revisions are included in the quoted price. Any alterations outside of the agreed amount will be subject to the standard hourly rate of £25 p/h until the project is complete.

  • Advennture Design reserves the right to request a 50% deposit upfront for any projects that it deems necessary.

  • Printing is available through Advennture Design and will be quoted for separately where required.

  • All printing must be paid for in-full and upfront before any artwork will be sent to print.


  • Advennture Design’s standard payment terms vary from upon receipt - 14 days from the date the invoice depending on the size of the fee. Any days quoted is standard days and not exclusively working days, therefore does include weekends and bank holidays. Please speak to Advennture Design directly for payment terms on your project.

  • Advennture Design require payment for the full balance of the project before providing final artwork to the client.

  • In the event of a late payment Advennture Design will cease work on all projects for the client until the payment is settled.

  • Any late payments of 30 days or more past the payment due date may be subject to late payment fees and interest as per the Late Payment Legislation.

  • All payments can be made via BAC’s transfer, PayPal or cash delivery (collection service not included). Unfortunately we are unable to accept payments via cheque.


  • Should the client wish to cancel the project with Advennture Design after having given project approval, this must be done in writing to

  • Any cancellations made within 48 hours of project approval will be subject to a 50% fee of the total project fee.

  • Any cancellation received after 48 hours of project approval will be liable for the full (100%) project fee.

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