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5 Things to Make a User Leave Your Website Quicker Than You Can Say "User Experience"

There’s only one person in the world who knows how to use your website as well as you do – and that’s you and you alone.

What may seem super straight forward to you doesn’t necessarily make as much sense to new visitors.

A poor user experience can send people away from your website almost instantly. Unfortunately, people are just a little too lazy to try and figure it out and will simply get frustrated, question your professionalism (yes, really) and go elsewhere.

So, we’re giving you the top 5 mistakes that are likely to send them packing:

1. Bad Navigation

Think menu bars, links and content placement. The simplest way to test how easy your website is to navigate is to get third-party outsiders to have a play with it. This isn’t a paid-for means of testing, literally ask your friends, family… strangers if you can! Get them to try and navigate around the site to understand what you do and take some sort of action. Just make sure they’re reasonably disconnected from your business. The less understanding they have, the more realistic the testing.

2. Adverts

Is there anything worse than falling onto a website and instantly being thrown an obtrusive advert? Visitors aren’t here to be advertised to – they’ve already taken the first step by visiting your site! So give them a break. Forget pop-ups and put greater time and effort into your organic content to educate them in a less intrusive fashion.

3. Auto-Streaming

We’re always preaching about the importance of video and moving imagery in Marketing, and this most definitely still stands for your website. But don’t assume everyone wants to watch your stuff and when you want them to. Turn off the ‘auto-stream’ feature and let the user decide when and how they want to watch. Believe or not, they’re far more likely to watch the content through when its been their choice to do so.

4. Unnecessary Registrations

Gated content is something that can help build your email subscribers, but it really needs to be used correctly. If you’re gating everything on your site people simply won’t see the value and will soon get fed-up with being asked to give their details away at every click. Keep the gated content to richer resources like free downloadables and let them have the rest.

5. Poor Legibility

Nothing says “I don’t invest in my business” like hard-to-read fonts on a website. Instantly, it looks homemade, unprofessional and a little childish. Not to mention making it super hard for the user to digest your information. Web fonts should be clean, simple and modern. Think sans-serif for body copy especially. And forget any excessive use of bright or intrusive colours – if users are having to turn their screen brightness down to view your site something has gone very wrong.

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