Think Before You Print: 4 Reasons to Print With Your Designer

Who do you use to print your artwork and why?

Maybe it’s because they’re local. It might come down to price. Or maybe it’s just because you know them well.

But have you ever stopped to consider how much easier life would be if you used the same supplier for design and print?

Directing as much work as possible through one provider has always been a solid way to ensure consistency and efficiency.

But when it comes to printing your artwork, it goes further than that. Sourcing print through the same person who designs your artwork can mitigate several common problems that are currently slowing businesses down...

1. Understanding the Brief

There are so many variations of print now, getting clear in your supplier’s mind what’s required can be a task in itself. For example, you might be asking for a poster but what you really need is a flyer. Or perhaps you’ve requested a Foamex sign, but Foamex just isn’t going to be durable enough for the job.

Sending the artwork to a third-party means they don’t have the background knowledge required to make accurate recommendations on your print finish. So, you end up explaining the requirement all over again and risk it being misunderstood - meaning you've spent your money on something completely unsuitable!

2. Get the Finish you Deserve

Like we said, having a background knowledge of the brief puts us - the art-worker - one-step ahead. We take greater pride in the work because remember – we created it! So we really don’t want this to be let down by a poor print-finish.

Where’s the good in having the prettiest poster when it’s on a computer screen, only to be let down by poor paper quality or an inaccurate crop?

There’s nothing more satisfying for us than seeing the work come to life, so a good quality finish is non-negotiable.

3. Jargon, what jargon?

Have you ever sent artwork to a printers only to get a whole bunch of requests back that you simply don’t understand?

Something about a bleed. Crops. CYMK not RGB…

Then what happens? You have to go back to your art-worker, somehow explain what you don’t understand and hope you get back what you need in return – and fast! All of these things can cause stress, delay and frustration that you simply don’t have time for (or deserve!)

Letting your designer manage the print means we sort it all for you. We know what’s required. We know what’s coming down the track. So we won’t bother or stress you out with any printing jargon, we just take control and get it done.

4. Relationships > Price

And of course if nothing else, you already have a relationship with your designer. We understand how one another works - we know your deadlines and you know our timescales. It works! We will always get what you need to you on time, but we can’t say the same for third-party providers. Sure you might have found someone who’s a few pounds cheaper, but do you know them and can you trust their reliability?

Putting the design and print requirements in the same persons hand ensures there’s no unexpected or disappointing delays.

Advennture Design have an exclusive relationship with several local printers, allowing you to keep all your design and print requirements under our one roof. To enquire about an end-to-end design/print project or for pricing email

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