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Social Media: 5 Ways it Can Support Your Business Through COVID-19

Have you had to shut up shop during COVID-19? Sadly, in these challenging times most businesses have. But keep your head up, these are temporary measures to ensure a stronger ‘us’ the other side of all this.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been encouraging our clients to be optimistic and see this as an opportunity to work on those back-burner Marketing projects that ordinarily you just don’t have time for. Plus, there’s still things you can and SHOULD be doing!

That’s why our motto is: Shut up shop on your business? Don’t shut the doors on your social media too!

Social media has an immense power to continue to support your business through COVID-19.

Here’s just a few ways that your social spaces can do that:

#1 Keep communication lines open

Just because you can’t see your customers, doesn’t mean you can’t talk with them! Social media provides the perfect platform to keep communication lines open and assure your audience that a) you’re still here and b) you’ll be stronger the other side of all this.

We’re all worried about our favourite businesses disappearing and playing radio silence on your followers will only fuel that panic! Provide comfort and a positive ear for them to tune into. After all, we’re all spending way more time on social than we would normally – we’ve got time to kill!

#2 Support online sales

Remember what we said about getting those back-burner Marketing projects ticked off? Well if you can sell online – NOW’s the time to set this up! Thankfully for people like Advennture Design, we work remotely and so can continue to work almost as normally through this pandemic. So, we’re here to support you with the set-up of this sort of stuff.

But even so, social media offers a space to do this without any techy set-up necessary. Simply post your available products and accept orders via Direct Messaging – simple! You can send PayPal links or BACs info to accept payments then all you need is an address.

To get started, just think about what you offer. What of this can you bring online? Even if you’re an events co-ordinator and think there’s no way you could possibly go online… we bet there is. Put that creative, positive hat on and think it through. Could you offer training? Gift vouchers? Packages to use in the next 12 months even?

We’re here to help you brainstorm those ideas.

#3 Let’s get virtual

Almost all businesses rely on events at some point in their lifetime to drive-up business and introduce new offerings. These don’t need to stop! Think virtual.

Facebook and Instagram offer fantastic Live Streaming options to help keep these things alive. Maybe it’s a showcase of a new product, a Q&A session, an opportunity for new prospects to learn about you – whatever it is, the market is open. These opportunities are available to everyone, but not enough businesses are capitalising them. Lead the way and inspire your customers! #4 Showcase the best version of yourself Let’s be honest, when the world returns to ‘normal’ all of us will be dying to go out and enjoy our favourite places, restaurants and hobbies again. We’ll be spoilt for choice having had nothing for so long!

This is precisely why you don’t want to drop off the radar. Social media offers a chance to showcase the very best version of yourself and your business, provide a positive spin on what can be a really negative, hard time for people. You’ll be well remembered for the way you dealt with COVID-19 and people will want to enjoy the world with you again as soon as they can.

#5 Collect testimonials

All too often we hear our clients say they wish they had more testimonials. Facebook is a brilliant place to collect these as more people now research a business on social platforms than Google!

With the extra time on your hands, why not make a list of your top customers and contact them about submitting a testimonial? You can always offer something in return like a gift card or free product – whatever you can afford to give away!

With people twiddling their thumbs at home, they’re more likely than ever to leave you a review as there’s less distractions to cause them to forget.

Advennture Design are currently offering Deferred Payments plans of up to 3 months, so you can make the most of your extra time and get those all-important Marketing jobs ticked off the list. Ready for a stronger 'you' the other side! Just email us on for more information.

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