Domains: The New Way to Get Rich

Now's your chance to get rich!

But we don’t quite mean your bank balance – yet.

(All roads lead to Rome...)

We’re talking about SEO rich domains and why they matter to your business.

What are they?

  1. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. The work you do behind a website to literally ‘optimise’ it and ensure the site appears on Google listings when people make relevant searches.

  2. Rich. This means its based on popular keyword phrases that your audience are likely to search for e.g. in terms of Advennture it'd be ‘Marketing’ and ‘Daventry’.

  3. Domains. The URL you type in to reach a website e.g. (try it, it’ll bring you right to us!)

So when we talk about SEO rich domains, we’re literally talking about URLs that are made up of the words and phrases people can use to find you more easily online.

Why do they matter?

Take Advennture Design – unless you’ve heard of us, you’re unlikely to search for the name. (Especially with our family-inspired spelling of Advennture with two n’s!)

And that's true for many businesses. With so many out there now it's almost impossible to name your business something so clear-cut that it'll always be found first time. SEO rich domains help to direct and feed the traffic to where it needs to be.

How to get an SEO Rich Domain

SEO rich domains are yours to purchase (if they’re still available, of course). There's no need to copy your website across to the new domain or start a new one. Simply purchase a domain through someone like Google Domains and forward it to your existing website.

Of course, if you don't have a website yet you can always use the SEO rich domain as your main website URL, but you might want to purchase one for your brand name too.

How much do they cost?

These domains are a fantastic and inexpensive way to drive your online exposure, credibility and traffic. They can be purchased for as little as around £10 a year (depending on what you’re after).

Just search for your desired domains on something like Google Domains to view pricing.

Need help setting up your SEO rich domain? We’d be glad to help.

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Please note that Advennture Design is in no way associated with Google Domains.

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