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Iconicity: How to Build a Brand That Will Stand the Test of Time

We all want to be remembered in this life. To make a difference and leave our legacy behind. And the same goes for business.

Who dreams of building an average business or a one-man band? No, we dream of an empire. An icon in our industry.

Of course, realistically we can’t all be the next McDonalds. Or Apple. Or Nike. But we can be the kings of our own category and industry.

How? By applying the ‘Play Differently’ approach.

Take Las Vegas as an example. Ask anyone who’s been (including us!) and they’ll tell you it’s a place like no other. It turns on its head everything you think you know about America, hotels and entertainment! And that’s why people want to go. To see what everyone is talking about and experience it for themselves.

British Bulldogs – another classic example of building iconicity by standing out. This breed challenge everything you think you know about a dog (and we should know, we have one!) Trainable? Forget it, they do what they like. Great sense of smell? As if, they barely have a nose! But as a nation, we love them and are proud to call them our own. Why? Because they’re different! They mix things up and provide something new and exciting to the pedigree world.

You might be thinking – but Bulldogs and Las Vegas aren’t exactly brands or businesses…

…Aren’t they?

They are things you can buy. Enjoy. Learn from. Experience. And most importantly, they are things you will remember and share.

Building iconicity is all about the ‘Play Differently’ approach. Whether it’s a country, pet or brand – you HAVE to be different to spark interest!

To get started, look at your audience and ask – what’s missing for them? What do they value? What problem do they have that I can solve? Then, do what most are too afraid to try. Forget the crowd and get creative with your solutions. Whatever your competitors are doing – ignore it. Do something better, more exciting and thought-provoking. Pull on the human heart strings and personalise to suit what you know about your customers.

After all, if you just choose to the follow crowd how can you ever expect to stand out?

Be brave and apply the ‘Play Differently’ solution and you’re already on your way to becoming the bulldog of your category.

For help building your empire, email us today at or read our Case Studies of brand success stories here ⚡

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