Get Inspired: The cliché phrases that we all hate but need to listen to when it comes to Marketing

“You need to get out more.”

“Do things differently.”

“Think outside the box.”

They’re all clichés (and maybe even a little patronising) but I have to say, when it comes to finding Marketing inspiration and creative solutions I don’t disagree.

In 3 weeks’ time (not that I’m counting, much) I’m off to island hop around Thailand and Bali for a honeymoon of a lifetime. Now whilst this really is an opportunity for my new wife and I to relax and reflect on the wedding that will have been, it’s also a huge chance for me to get inspired. I am such a believer in the need to try new things and places if you ever want to be successful.

Staring at the same four walls every day or visiting the same all-inclusive hotel each year just can’t give you the new experiences your mind and body need to thrive. And even though there may not seem like an enormous link between visiting an Elephant Sanctuary and creating logos, there really is.

It’s all about seeing the world differently, trying new things, understanding other cultures, ways of life and doing things. Recognising other people’s ‘norm’. No one way is the right way and that couldn’t ring truer in Marketing. Every client wants something different and interprets your solutions differently. To one client a logo might be boring. Too simple. But to the next it could be right on trend, modern and clean. Marketing is no doubt an emotional, opinion-based industry so you’ve GOT to learn to adapt and be ok with the millions of different viewpoints out there if you can ever hope to satisfy them.

So, get out more. Do things differently. Break out of your comfort zone. See the world.

(There goes those awful clichés again…)

It doesn’t have to be expensive. No one’s saying you need to go to a different country every month (‘cos let’s face it, who can afford that!) My lecturer at University once told me to walk to campus in a different way each day that week… and I’ve never forgotten that advise. I took a new route, left earlier and listened to an album I’d never heard of. They’re all tiny changes but wow did they prove the difference these can make. I saw totally different people, experienced new temperatures and had all new thoughts and feelings generated by the music I was listening to. Sometimes the smallest changes DO have the biggest impact.

So, I’m taking this time not just to feed the Thai elephants, but also try new food, listen to new languages and walk on new terrains. This all allows my creative juices to rebuild, recharge and change flavour. You can come along with me as I’ll still be sharing my instastory #TipOfTheDay (when I can!) If you haven’t checked it out yet make sure you do. I’m not talking the same old, boring Marketing tips. Mine include Starbucks, Bulldogs and in a few weeks time… Elephants! Beat that for inspiration.

#TipOfTheDay 👇👇

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