Freelancers: 7 Reasons to Choose Us for the Job

So, you’ve decided now is the time to market. You’ve got new goals and requirements for the business that need the help of a Marketing bod, but you’re not sure on the who’s, where’s and how’s – sound familiar?

This is where someone like Advennture Design comes in.

But why choose a freelancer?

1. We Don’t Need a Seat

Having marketing requirements doesn’t necessarily translate into a need for a full-time Marketeer. Sometimes there’s one-off jobs, single campaigns or objectives that you need help with now but maybe not again for a while.

Or, maybe you do need someone on an on-going basis but there’s just not quite enough going on to warrant a bum-on-seat in the office. That’s fine too.

As a freelancer, we’re less needy. We work remotely and only when you need us too. So, there’s no need to save us a seat, add to your headcount or put us on Payroll. You control the costs.

2. We Do It Because We Love It

Freelancing is a choice. We’ve chosen this slightly more difficult, unnerving, challenging yet hugely satisfying path for a reason – because we love what we do. And when you love what you do, you do it better, for longer, and with more heart.

We’re not working for you or because we have to. We’re working WITH you and because we want to – you can't argue with that as a strong basis for a working relationship!

3. Working Hours – What Are They?

…And with the love for freelancing comes the end of working hours as we know it. 9 – 5 is merely a phrase on the grapevine to us. When you’re done for the day, you can guarantee we’re not. Our emails are always refreshing, calls constantly checked and projects are being worked and reworked at all hours!

Why? Because it’s our liveli-and-lovelihood. When we don’t work, we don’t get paid, so if there’s stuff to be done you can be sure we’re chomping at the bit!

4. Affordable Marketing

The clue is in the name with a freelancer – ‘free’. We’re not paying any staff; we’re not part of a huge agency and we’re certainly not forking out monthly rent for a premises.

This freedom for you translates into better pricing. You’re paying for our time and skills, that’s all. Whilst the agencies and employees are asking for the scary bucks, we’re simply asking for a reasonable fee that respects our expertise.

5. We Don’t Mess Around

On the subject of expertise, that really is what you’re hiring when you choose us. Like I said, we freelance because we choose to and we love to. We’ve chosen a subject that excites us, so keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and developing our skills is no drag. We can confidently position ourselves as the experts and burden the marketing stress for you with ease – meaning stuff get’s done quicker and to a higher quality.

6. A New Pair of Eyes

We’ve all been there, the dreaded corporate guidelines that seem to takeover life and mind. A freelancer offers an opportunity to play with the boundaries and open your eyes to new ideas that you would never have even thought of. As a third-party who’s somewhat disconnected from your company, it’s easier for us to find new and creative ways of expressing who you are.

(Within the guidelines, of course…)

7. We Get Around

To not only survive but thrive as a freelancer, you have to get to know a lot of people. There’s only one of us and from time-to-time (much to our disgust) we may have to accept defeat on a brief and realise that there’s someone out there better suited to the job.

Remember when we said we work with you because we want to? Well the same goes for our connections. We have zero obligation to work with people we don’t respect, so even if we're not the right one for the job – you can bet we’ll refer you to someone awesome who is.

Always remember, a freelancer does it because they love it. Our hearts our in it. Our livelihoods our in it. We give it our all because it’s ours.

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