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What’s up with Digital? The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Struggling to see the value in social?

“I have Facebook, but I don’t really use it.” “I don’t see how Instagram fits in with my business.”

We’ve heard them all so many times before.

Social media is a marketing tool, and there’s no business that can’t benefit from marketing. The key is knowing how to use these digital tools to really find value in them.

We’re breaking down the 5 big no-no’s with tips of what to do instead.

#1 DON’T use social channels as a selling tool.

Remember, the clue is in the name - ‘Social’. Your channels are there for brand awareness, to add personality to your brand and open up new lines of communication with your customers.

DO use social channels to instill trust.

More people now use social than Google for research purposes. So, they’re the perfect platform to share content like customer success stories and testimonials to build relationships with new potential customers.

#2 DON’T use your personal profile for business.

Nothing screams unprofessional like a pick and mix of content between walks with your dog and business messaging. Never double-up your social pages as “personal/business.”

DO make a professional business account.

Whether it’s a Facebook Business Page or just a separate Instagram account, split the content out. You’ll instantly appear more professional and established. Plus, you’ll have a platform to start building that brand personality we talked about earlier.

#3 DON’T prioritise quantity over quality.

There’s a fine balance between posting too often and radio silence. One post per day per channel is a good place to start. Just be sure you’ve got the quality content worth posting.

DO build a theme for your pages.

You don’t need to be a designer to make professional looking social images. Simple smartphone apps like Canva and iMovie are a great start for building set templates and themes that bring a new level of professionalism and branding to your social pages.

#4 DON’T play hard to get.

If someone takes the time to comment on your post or send you a direct message – REPLY! Even if it’s not a sales opportunity, it’s crucial to show interest and thanks in their engagement. Otherwise, how can you expect them to do it again?

DO set up automated responses.

Even business owners need sleep (apparently) so you can’t be online all the time. Thankfully, Facebook and Instagram have built-in auto-responder tools for any inbox messages. Set up a simple auto-reply thanking them for their message and manage their expectations for when you’ll be in touch.

#5 DON’T just ‘wing’ it.

Social for business is a whole different ballgame. Just posting as and when you feel like it about nothing-much-in-particular just won’t cut it. You need a plan, a strategy and some achievable goals for what you’d like to get out of social.

DO commission a professional audit before you start.

Before you run away with all these new ideas, it’s a good idea to get an audit done on your pages as they appear now. So you know exactly what to put your time and effort into. Advennture Design offer a FREE social media audit for up to 3 profiles including content, images, bios and themes. Just email to arrange yours.

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