To Social or Not to Social: Why That Should NEVER Be a Question Your Business Asks

Social media. Offering one of the biggest shifts in Marketing we have ever seen, and still the beast continues to grow and flourish.

Yet, so many businesses still question its worth.

Isn’t Facebook just a place to watch videos of puppies riding giant tortoises?

Isn’t Instagram just a hub of holiday snaps and people #livingtheirbestlife?

And as for LinkedIn, that’s just as online CV right?

Those things exist, for sure. But as with anything, a tool is not only how you use it but what you choose to make it.

We’re not talking about just scheduling day-to-day posts here. Sharing articles and posting pictures of your latest product are all important to help to build up your social story – but there’s so much more strategic potential if you can only open your eyes to it.

A Communications Channel

In May 2018, the impending doom of GDPR arrived, leaving businesses not only too confused but frankly too scared to do much Marketing. Patients were missing doctors’ appointments and animals were missing vital jabs, all because the practice believed they were “no longer allowed” to remind their customers of these appointments.

Had they got ahead of the game and considered social media as a touch-point, what should have been a real comfort in a business too afraid to email market, there would have been a whole lot more healthy humans and animals roaming around. Imagine, using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp as a solution to getting in touch with your customers about vital information. A platform they are already using (Facebook Messenger if the 4th most accessed app in the world!), in real-time, for free. And without the clutter of the no doubt hundreds of other emails landing in their inbox every day to contend with.

Marketing should be all about the customers journey – making it easy. Undisruptive. Personalised.

Lead Your Brand Image

Times are changing. People still look for you on Google, of course! That’s why websites work. But ask yourself, where do they go next? Your website tells them all they need to know from YOUR perspective, but what about from there’s? Where do they get the good, the bad and the ugly from?

53.4 billion minutes were spent on social media last year – JUST on mobile. That compares to a mere 3.8 billion using Google search. So, I ask again, where do they go next?

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. You name it, they’re on social media.

If you’re not there to a) lead the content and b) manage the content then how can you expect to truly own your brand? People talk. With or without your input – so you need to be active, listening and participating if you want to have a say and direct the conversation.

Customer Learning Hub

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from THEIR voices too.

Social media is a hub of information – where you’re going wrong, where you’re going right, testimonials and customer learning. It’s all there for the taking, if you just take the time to look.

Still not sold? Let’s throw a few more into the mix.

Social media boosts the SEO of your website – without it, you’ll really struggle to appear on those top Google searches. Fact.

  1. Increase exposure and footfall at events – you know, those all-important dates in the diary that MUST prove a worthy ROI?

  2. Find customers you never knew existed – they’re there, but who are they? LinkedIn is your one-stop shop.

  3. Qualify those leads – your team can only make so many calls in a day, don’t you want them to be the ones that are most likely to convert? Use social media as a research tool to help qualify those incoming enquiries.

  4. Test new ideas, messages and offerings – social media is real-time, so what better place to throw an idea out and test the waters before ploughing the budget in?

  5. Position yourself as a thought leader – remember what we said about having steering your own voice? There’s a world of content on social just crying out for your attention. Think LinkedIn Groups and hashtags.

The rate social media has grown in the last 10 years already is worlds away from where it started. Jump forward another 10 years and well, it’s anyone’s guess.

But one thing is clear, social media isn’t going to go away, but those who fall behind and choose to ignore it just might…

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